The company started business in 1984 as a family business. After years of operation with client orientated and enthusiastic working spirit, the business has developed excellent growth. Over the years, the company has been a listed contractor of the Hong Kong Housing Authority and one of the building management agents under the provision of the Building Management ordinance. In line with the expanding market of the property management services, the company has been developing professional services since a number of years ago and becomes one of the leading management services providers in the industry. The head office is over 10,000 square feet and is equipped with comprehensive computer supporting system. Currently, the company is hiring more than 1,000 staff of various disciplines including professionals.

The professional property management is advocated in Hong Kong. Apart from day-to-day management services, property management services providers must be well versed with relevant legal knowledges and the application of the knowledge and the powers vested in the legal provisions are important in carrying out the property management efficiently and legally. The company is hiring a team of professional property management staff, qualified maintenance personnels, accounting staff and licensed security staff to serve the clients responsibly and diligently. The company is duty-bound to maintain the best interest of the clients namely the Owners Incorporations and all the owners of the properties. Quality property management of the buildings including the routine maintenance of the building facilities ensure the normal operation of the properties and keep their market value.

The company envisages resources will continue to be invested in expanding various work forces and departments of the company to meet the opportunities of the expanding property management market. The company commits to maintain the strong working spirit and good sense of responsibility in providing excellent services to the clients. The sound reputation of the company in the industry is an assurance to all existing and protential clients.