• Building Management Agent listed in the (competent Authority Notice under Section 40B(3) of BMO Cap.344.
•  Listed Contract of Hong Kong Housing Authority
• Quality Assurance Certificates: ISO14001 2004, ISO9001 2008 and ISO45001:2018.
The company recognizes ‘’ quality services’’ is the result of ‘’ management services’’. It is stressed that efficient management services attribute to the on going development of the company. To accomplish the goal, all the staff are encouraged to maintain team spirit all the time and follow the company ethnic below, with an aim to explore and develop rendering the best services to the clients.
• Endeavour to provide top quality services in reasonable or relative short period of time
• Every effort is to be taken to response to the request or need of the client promptly
• Try every possible way to improve the services to be rendered.
To achieve the ultimate aim of providing quality services, all levels of staff are motivated to move to the same direction in discharging the assignments for the purpose of upgrading the property management services.

Environmental Protection Policy


The company promises to consider the environmental elements as a priority in the day-to-day management services in order to protect the environment and to exhibit our participation in the long term development of the green environment in Hong Kong. The environmental management policy and management system designed under ISO14001 are adopted to satisfy the following environmental protection objectives:

• To ensure no wastage of materials or any kind of resources and to ensure recycle materials will be used as far as possible.

• As far as possible, waste production has to be reduced to minimum and waste disposal must be carried out in strict compliance with the environmental friendly procedures and methodology.

• To identify and assess the impact of all management services to environmental effect and to map out management steps assuring the compliance of environmental protection.

For all the sub-contractors, consultants agents and material on service suppliers, following the company environmental friendly policy is mandatory if and when render their services for the company. Through trainings internal circulars on guidelines and communication with relevant departments on interested parties, company staff and the staff of the working partners may concurrently update the environmental protection knowledge in relation to the property management services. The company is confident that all staff including the staff of the working partners are well familiar with the company’s environmental policy and execute the policy as a must.

Employment Safety and Health Policy


The company advocates much on safe and healthy working environmental. Being a responsible business organization, an employment safety and healthy supervision system is developed. Through minimizing the risk of the business activities, improving the employment safety and health from time to time is achieved. The company focuses on:-
• Following strictly all the rules and regulations of employment safety and health

• Provide the working environment free from bodily harm and sickness.

• Promote employment safety and health and cultivate sense of healthy working environmental among all levels of staff.

• Provide most updated information on employment safety and health to all staff concurrently and to provide adequate supervision and training in this issue.

• All the sub-contractor, consultant agents and suppliers or service providers are encouraged to work together with the company in reducing the chance of risk endangering the working environment and health in the courses of the business operations, and

• Render resources in supporting the policy and perceiving the employment safety and health as on e of the major management objectives.